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Luxembourg, European Union, United States - international

At 7200 ft in Whistler, BC around 2005 - click for footnote at bottom of this pageWhat Is It? I (Jean-Thomas Cullen, aka John T. Cullen*) have been online working hard & passionately for more than twenty years. I'm a novelist, publisher, poet, journalist, and history/science essayist. You can find more history about me and my web ventures at the Clocktower Books Museum (here). I've been an Amazon affiliate (among other relationships) since 1998, and I find great delight in playing retail. I love mall walking with all those glitzy windows, neat looking people, and enticing products. I call it my model railroad, and I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you'll enjoy a virtual 'walk' in my mall any time of day or night.

How Do You Say It? Citta Moda is a made-up brand name borrowed from the more proper and stylish Italian Citta della Moda (which is in use by a Milan corporation; no connection with this online mall). Actually, one of our most famous and huge malls in San Diego is Fashion Valley. Moda is fashion in Italian (in French: mode). Citta means City, and you can pronounce it either like 'cheetah' (the Italian way) or 'sittah' (Bostonian for sitter). Thus: either Cheetah Moda or Sittah Moda will do just fine. It's supposed to ring our bell as "Fashion City," not to mention it's a tribute to Fashion Valley and (in our imaginations) we can picture it as being by the sea at one of San Diego's dozen or more world-class beaches.

What's In It? It's very much like going to a major shopping mall (of which many are going out of business because we are increasingly living our lives in virtual space and shopping online). You'll find retail shops with men's and women's clothing (shoes, dresses, jeans, jewelry, and more). I'm not going to load these pages to bulging but let you click through if you feel like drilling down for something you might want to take a closer look at. In addition, with my decades of experience in the book trade, I offer books and magazines. You can buy a gift card for friends and loved ones. Plus, this gives me a great opportunity to treat you with something else I love to do: slide you some info-bonbons and little factoids, along with book reviews, history notes, science clips, and (yes) the juicy info on how and why I have written some of my books—for example, about the famous 1892 true crime and resulting even more famous ghost legend at the fabulous Hotel del Coronado near San Diego. Or Alfred Hitchcock's final secret (which I discovered while writing Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller).

Examples of My Work (1). Visit a special website to learn what I mean about Hitchcock's final secret in my Luxembourg Thriller (a Progressive Thriller as well). Site includes a full-page article (in German) about me and my novel in the national newspaper. I've written over thirty novels plus other books; this is my first one totally set in Europe (although the hero and heroine are from San Diego). The pacing is from one of my favorite 21st Century thriller movies, The Bourne Identity starring Matt Damon and Franka Potente. As in the movie, my story really gets going in Paris, and the two main characters are on the run for their lives and to deliver the McGuffin (a Hitchcock term for what a story is about) to a professor in Luxembourg, who wants to save the world from corporate tyranny.

Examples of My Work (2). Take a look at Coronado Mystery for info about my three books on the 1892 gaslight true crime and ghost saga. The nonfiction scholarly analysis is Dead Move (you'll be amazed how I got that title handed to me by a manager at the hotel). From all those facts, I wrote a short, fast thriller (noir, gaslight, 1892 period piece) titled Lethal Journey. The story is true, melancholy, and absolutely riveting—with tentacles (1892 type) that reach far beyond San Diego to Hawai'i, the White House, and even Queen Victoria's court in London. And it's a quintessential Victorian era tragedy of the Fallen Angel, a trope explored by every major author, composer, and painter—but this story is *fact* whereas Thomas Hardy's 1891 Tess, or Stephen Crane's 1893 Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, or Maurice Ravel's 1899 Pavane for a Dead Princess were melancholy fantasies (to name just three, from a century's worth including the famous pre-Raphaelite paintings of drowning princesses and so forth. This website will give me a chance to deliver more of these fascinating, true info-candies to you for your enjoyment. So please: come, read, and return often.

*Who? My birth name is Jean-Thomas Cullen, which reflects my dual citizenship (Luxembourg and USA). That's why you see the Luxembourg, European Union, and U.S. flags on this site. Having lived many years in both Europe and North America, I want to bring an international flavor as well as a taste of Southern California to your delighted senses.

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