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Fun, Sun, & Tranquility in San Diego. Jean-Thomas Cullen (John T. Cullen) has been an author all of his life, bringing you books, articles, essays, short stories, and now browsing fun. While a trip to the beach is de rigoeur in Sun Diego, JTC more often gets his exercise from gardening, walking around beautiful shopping malls, and visiting our world-class new San Diego Public Library—when he isn't traveling in Europe or North America (Mexico, Canada, USA).

Author. JTC was born in post-war Nürnberg, West Germany a U.S. Army brat*. His father was a U.S. Army sergeant major during the Occupation (from New Haven, Connecticut) while his mother was a Luxembourg citizen working for the U.S. Army in Frankfurt. When his parents separated for some years, JTC spent his childhood in Luxembourg with his mother and grandparents. Among treasured childhood memories: a first visit to Paris in the 1950s, age about 5. His grandparents had their honeymoon in Paris in 1922, so it was a bit of a retour. Later, as a U.S. soldier stationed in the FRG, JTC used to love visiting Paris (4hrs by orange VW bus) as well as Brussels, Heidelberg, and other fun cities on weekends when not working hard at Panzerkaserne.

In 1959, his parents reunited and JTC was whisked away to New Haven, where he spent his adolescence and early adulthood amid the soaring neo-Gothic spires of Yale University. He earned his B.A. in English at the University of Connecticut. Moving to San Diego in 1974, he joined the U.S. Army soon after, and served two tours in Kaiserslautern, West Germany. After his Honorable Discharge, he returned to San Diego in 1980, which has been his base of operations ever since. He loves to travel, and never goes anywhere without the other two musketeers (wife of 30+ years Carolyn, and son of 30+ years Andrew). Motto: Let's Rrrokk! (spoken with a Transylvanian accent).

World Traveler, Global Citizen. JTC, with his complex background, was quadrilingual by age 9 (like any European of the brainy variety). He was born a U.S. citizen, and acquired Luxembourg citizenship later in life, as did his son Andrew. Carolyn, a Peace Corps volunteer in India, earned her B.S. in International Relations (now we see why) and decided the best way to continue serving humanity was to work as an R.N.

Have Fun. In an age of too much dyspepsia, we need to relax and enjoy life. It's really all we have—that, our family, our friends, and our home wherever on earth that may be. Remember this about politics, religion, bad hair, and angry traffic: "It's like being mad at the weather." (JTC quote, meaning: not worth the bother). So let go of the frazzle and go for the dazzle. You deserve it—and so do the people you annoy by being a grouch. Get over it, move on, and enjoy JTC's webplex. Or go for a walk, say hello to someone, and dazzle them with a big smile.

*NOTE: One of more than a million U.S. citizens born overseas to military or diplomatic service parents. By law, these million+ are U.S. citizens at birth as if born on U.S. soil. JTC later acquired Luxembourg citizenship under a special 'law of recovery' passed by the Luxembourg parliament recently to repatriate offspring of the long-ago diaspora. Lëtzebuergesch was JTC's first spoken language, followed by German, French, and then English (not to mention high school Latin) and later smatterings of Spanish and other languages. JTC's Luxembourg-US friends included the late Ambassador John Dolibois, born a fifteen minute walk (Bonnevoie) from where JTC lived as a child (Gasperich); and Mr. Dolibois used to visit a certain intelligence agent and national resistance heroine of WW2 vintage, who lived a block away on Rue Franz Liszt in Gasperich, whose mother was an acquaintance of JTC's grandmother. Small world.


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